Real Estate

Whether you’re purchasing or selling commercial or residential property, don’t go it alone. Real estate transactions often entail large sums of money, and you want to ensure that your investment is protected. With an experienced real estate attorney like Forest Cook, you can avoid the common and often hidden pitfalls of real estate transactions.

Real Estate Services: Attorney Forest Cook

Contracts are a very important element in real estate transactions. Its terms govern the duties of all involved in the contract. Attorney Forest Cook is experienced in drafting, reviewing, revising and negotiating real estate contracts for both business and residential clients. He also has experience in negotiating contracts with developers, brokers and investors. When reviewing and revising real estate contracts, he edits and adds contingencies when needed. His goal is to protect his clients from potential problems down the road, such as litigation. With in-depth knowledge of local and state real estate law, he renders accurate and appropriate advice.

Common Real Estate Issues: The Law Office of Forest Cook

Real estate transactions are complex transactions that involve many different policies, legal rights and laws. As a result, it not uncommon for real estate litigation issues to arise. Common issues include mortgage disputes, foreclose issues, implied warranties and disputes over penalty clauses in the contract. Other real estate issues include title problems, easements, zoning and eminent domain. With experience in all of these issues, attorney Forest Cook can deliver the best legal advice and representation.

Landlord and Tenant Laws: Lease Agreements, Eviction and On-Premise Injuries

Attorney Forest Cook drafts lease agreement with clear terms in order to avoid landlord-tenant disputes. And if the landlord has to evict a tenant, he ensures that the legal guidelines are carefully followed in order to avoid penalties. On the flip side, he can assist clients as tenants with problems surrounding non-compliance of apartment repairs and injuries that occur on the apartment complex’s premises.

If you’re approaching a real estate transaction, have a real estate dispute, need to evict a tenant or are a tenant with landlord problems, turn to the Law Office of Forest Cook. He will take the time to listen to your specific circumstances and will provide a practical and effective solution. He’s also always happy to answer client questions.