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One of The Best

I have dealt with big league attorneys in the past, who watched out for my daughter’s interests. I can say that Forest Cook is right up there with the best. He is quick witted, knowledgeable & protected me from what would have otherwise been a detrimental settlement. I highly recommend this gentleman.

- Jan (5 star review)

Experienced at Family Law

Forest has great advice and years of experience on what to do, once I was separated. When I decided to file for divorce he explained the process and how long it should take. He communicated well with me on every step.

- Mary (5 star review)

Nobody Looks Forward to Hiring Council but Forest Is Worth Your Investment for Family Law Cases

1. A lawyer is only as good as his client. (Reading the relevant sections of law that apply will help you out immensely)

2. You get what you pay for

Forest and his staff did a good job representing me throughout my Divorce. As a result of his guidance and representation, the best interests of my child have been protected. (See No. 1) No matter what lawyer you retain make sure you carefully review everything prior to signature or approval for submission.

- Charles (5 star review)

I Would Use Forest Above Any Lawyer I Have Used in The Past.

Forest has represented me in three cases in the last 10 years. My ex-wife filed a spiteful lawsuit against me. I had to get a lawyer and Forest was recommended to me by a friend that knew what Forest had done in a similar lawsuit. I met Forest at his office and realized immediately that he was a professional with years of experience here in Texas. He wasn’t the cheapest lawyer I could have found, but I had learned in business that the cheapest lawyer often costs more in the long run. We went over the details of my case and by the end of our meeting he gave me a quote on what his retainer would be. It seemed like a lot of money at the time, but I believed you get what you pay for. Without going into every aspect and detail of the case, in the end my ex ended up writing me a check that covered my attorney fees and all of her complaints against me were dropped. An outcome that was very pleasing to me.

The next time I called Forest I needed help evicting a person from a rental property that I owned. I had started the eviction process on my own and the Judge in Austin ruled in my favor to evict the tenant. I thought that should be the end of it. The tenant filed an appeal which I thought was ridiculous since the issue was that she hadn’t paid her rent and that was what the Judge based her ruling on. I talked to a clerk at the courthouse and he recommended that I should hire a lawyer if I wanted to get the tenant out in a reasonable amount of time. That’s when I learned from Forest that the law isn’t always fair and tenants in Austin seem to have more rights than landlords have. Because of the legal system even with a lawyer it took what seemed like forever to get the tenant out of the house. I couldn’t believe it, but I had to pay to get the tenant’s stuff out of the house. Because I think Forest felt bad for me, he helped me with those expenses. Forest proved to be more of a stand-up guy than I would ever had thought a lawyer would be.

During the middle of the eviction case the tenant accused me of hitting her. She called the police and I ended up spending two nights in Travis County Jail. Forest helped get me out of jail and then represented me in the lawsuit. We had to go to court three times before the ADA finally saw that there was no evidence to back up the tenant’s claim and the charges were dismissed.

During all this legal nonsense Forest was very professional and never led me to believe that he was sure he could win the case. But I knew that he was going to do his best and his best turned out to be good enough for me.

I really hope I never have to hire a lawyer again, but if I do it will be Forest D. Cook.

Thanks Forest

- Michael (5 star review)